Yard Armour® Flea and Tick Control in Cypress, TX

Your yard is no place for fleas and ticks. These pests not only bite people and pets alike, but they can also transmit serious diseases. Controlling fleas and ticks in the yard will reduce health risks to your loved ones.

Lawn Doctor of Cypress flea and tick control services work to reduce these pest populations in your yard. We target areas where outdoor pests may live and breed on your property. After all, any creature that leaves harmful bumps or bites has just got to go.

Flea Control in Cypress, TX

Our team identifies and controls flea populations for Cypress homes. We spray for fleas in the yard to prevent them from entering the home. With fewer fleas around your property, your family members and pets will be safer from potential flea-borne health risks.

Tick Control in Cypress, TX

We have tick control down to a science. Our trained lawn technicians implement a comprehensive three-step program to reduce the number of ticks in each yard:

  • Prevention. After assessing your property, our team will provide barrier treatments around your yard to keep ticks away.
  • Control. We’ll target areas where ticks currently live in your yard, striving to quickly reduce their presence.
  • Ongoing maintenance. To ensure ticks stay away, we’ll make routine inspections and treatments as needed.

Our tick control services in Cypress, TX are designed to fit each yard’s needs. You’ll receive a custom treatment plan for the most effective applications possible. As your Cypress neighbors, we work to keep our town safe from ticks—one yard at a time.

Protection Is Just a Call Away

Once you contact Lawn Doctor of Cypress, we can reduce fleas and ticks. Then, your lawn can be a place to enjoy quality time with your family members—not a place to fear for them.

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